Potty Mouth

Blog 02-04-2012 edMost parents cannot wait to hear their precious baby utter his or her very first word.  Mama or Papa would be the preferred choice, of course, but there are also many other acceptable selections like cat or car or bye-bye.  I think I can safely say that booger, tush, peepee, and butt are not amongst them.

Poop is going to be my daughter’s first word.  I just know it.  She is only four months old now, but the words mentioned above are the most commonly spoken in my household by my almost three year old son (who, mind you, has recently changed his name to Poophead).  Initially, I tried to avoid the potty humor.  Then, I tried not to encourage it.  However, I found it very difficult to not laugh because, well, let’s face it, these words are pretty funny.  Who hasn’t laughed at a good fart joke sometime in his/her life?

I have come to accept potty humor as a normal stage of development in toddlerhood.  I can even appreciate my son’s creativity and his ability to change lyrics of his favorite songs, for example, “The wheels on the tush go ‘Poop, poop, poop,’” and “A, B, C, D, E, F, Butt!”  He has even taken to composing original works!  The lullaby he wrote tonight (and then had his father and me sing to him before bed) went something like this: “Booger, butt, booger, butt, booger, butt all day!” Repeat until the giggles stop.

I do look forward to my daughter learning to speak (though I’m in no rush), but I dread having to write in her baby book that her very first spoken word was related to fecal matter or some other bodily function.  Butt, we’ll just have to wait and see.



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