Why We Need a Dog


I think we need a dog.

I love dogs, but I don’t want a dog… not now, anyway.

I don’t want to take care of a dog.

I don’t want to walk a dog, feed a dog, or clean up after a dog.

I JUST want a dog to clean my floor after dinner.



3 responses to “Why We Need a Dog”

  1. Brenna Avatar

    I say that all the time at school as the preschool students are eating. LOL

  2. angie grater Avatar
    angie grater

    Lol! They do come in handy after we’ve had a playdate! Perhaps I should rent mine out to my friends around suppertime! Of course, the dowwnside are the muddy pawprints I need to deal with 4 times a day… But then again, I have chosen to live in Mud Island! Can’t blame them!

  3. […] Note: Since that day, Bear has made sure to report everyone’s foofs – mine, her Papa’s, Monkey’s, and even her own.  No one can escape.  And it is now impossible to blame your foof on the baby.  Perhaps we should reconsider getting a dog… […]

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