The sky’s the limit, kid.

The doorbell rang.  Dinner had arrived.

Monkey ran to the door with his new Hess helicopter in one hand and an airplane in the other.  “Mama? Can I show him my new helicopter?!”

The delivery guy looked in and said, “Ooh, nice helicopter and plane!” as Monkey zoomed them around.

“Thanks!” said Monkey, beaming.

12-06-2013 Ikea Hess ed“Do you want to be a pilot some day?” asked the delivery guy, thinking he had asked the appropriate question given what he was observing.

Monkey turned on him.  His eyes glowed red and it was only a matter of time before the lasers began shooting out.

Then, in a “There is no Monkey, only Zuul” type voice, he shouted, “I DO NOT WANT TO BE A


The delivery guy chuckled, but all I could think about was …

Mmm… free Swedish meatballs…




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  1. JDaniel4's Mom Avatar

    It does sound like a wonderful place to work.

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