The Tomato Sauce Incident

Some people say that if you have trouble opening a jar, you should gently tap on the lid.  Have you ever tried it?  I think I had in the past, but I also combined it with running the lid under hot water, using one of those rubber no-slip grip type things, and eventually giving up and waiting for my husband.  Someone, however, apparently taught my one-year old daughter, Bear, exactly how to do it.

After yet another exhausting trip to the grocery store where we went for four things (one we purchased, two they didn’t have, and one we forgot) and ended up with a cartful of randomness, we came home in the pouring rain.  I got the groceries inside, set my son, Monkey, off to play and Bear decided she wanted to help me empty the shopping bags which were sitting on the floor in the living room.

I heard a tapping sound and realized that what Bear was holding sounded fragile.  I peeked my head out of the kitchen and found her banging the lid of one of the jars of tomato sauce on the ground.  It made a cool sound, as evidenced by the giant grin on her face.  I gently tried to redirect by handing her the unbreakable plastic container of mayonnaise.  She was less than pleased.

I stood up with the jar in hand, not realizing that it was upside down.  Kaboooooom!  The lid apparently couldn’t withstand the pressure and flew off the jar, launching tomato sauce everywhere.

Monkey came running and Bear immediately dove in to start finger painting.  Then, in walks my husband.  What a sight to come home to!

sauce 1 ed

Papa stripped Bear down and I sopped up as much sauce as I could from the floor.  I was already wearing half the jar (you should have seen my pants!).  It looked like a crime scene from Law & Order.  *gung, gung*

sauce 2 edI tried to clean myself up once the floor was under control.  No amount of paper towels was going to do the trick.  I plunked myself in the shower, clothes and all.

So, if you ever have trouble opening a jar, just let me know.  I know a one-year old who will be more than happy to do it for you!


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