Dandelion Wishes

An essential part of being a kid is picking yellow dandelions and giving them to everyone you know.  As a parent and former teacher, I have received my fair share of dandelion bouquets, worn dandelions in my hair, and even put dandelions in a vase full of water.

But the quintessential part of being a kid is picking the whitest, fluffiest dandelions you can find, making a wish, and blowing off every last possible seed (stomping on them is super fun too).

05-05-2013 DandelionsAs a grownup, I now know the effects of making those wishes, as more and more dandelions sprout up all over our lawn.  But, I still know the magic that lies within and don’t feel that I have the right to stand in the way of anyone’s wishes.

And so, my children pick their dandelions, both yellow and white.  And so, I do my best to appreciate every bouquet, hair decoration, and centerpiece I am given.  And so, I watch both in horror and in wonder as hundreds of new dandelion seeds take their journey in my backyard and beyond.

My neighbors must hate me.


Dandelion Wishes — 3 Comments

  1. They should thank you! Dandelions do wonders to aerate the soil and prepare it for future planting. Plus they’re good to eat.

  2. Unless you have a neighbor like me. I think they are pretty. And I don’t care for grass. Nice your kids like dandelions so much! Sounds like they enjoy being outside.

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