Peeing in the Tub

I always make Monkey go potty before he gets into the bathtub.  Usually, he complies.  Sometimes, he goes and then once he sits in the water, he looks suspicious – as if he hadn’t completely finished emptying his bladder yet.

Monkey and Bear often bathe together (at what point does that become weird?).  I have asked Monkey repeatedly to not pee in the tub, especially if his sister is in there with him.  Now, of course, I can guarantee that his sister pees in the tub almost every time, but he doesn’t need to know that.

After a very messy finger and toe painting experience, I plunked both of them in the bath.  He promised me that he didn’t need to pee.  I made sure that I asked him before I put the drain cap on.  We got all the paint off with the shower sprayer first and then I filled up the tub.

peeing in the tub ed

The kids had fun playing in the bath, as usual.  Suddenly, he gave me the look.  I gave him the “Don’t you dare do it” look that all moms eventually perfect.  He went back to playing and presumably holding it in.  A few minutes later, Bear decided she was done with her bath.  “Mama?  Now that she’s out, can I pee in the bath?”  Then, this is what happened.

Me: Why don’t you hop out and pee in the potty.

Monkey: I don’t think I can do that.

Me: Did you already go?

Monkey: A little… can I?

Me: If you must.

Monkey: I must.

I turned away to get Bear all wrapped up in her towel, so I wasn’t concentrating on what Monkey was doing.  Suddenly, he began to shout, “Mama!  Quick!  I need a towel!”

Me: What’s wrong?  Did you splash water on your face again?

Monkey: No!  I just peed in my eye!

Me: WHAT?  You peed in your eye?

Monkey: I peed in my eye!  Give me a towel!

Me (unwrapping Bear from her towel and tossing it over): How in the world did you pee in your eye?

Monkey: I don’t know, but it kind of hurt.  Let’s just let the water go down and I’ll just pee down the drain instead.


Told you peeing in the bath wasn’t a good idea.


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